ID Developer Elite : Mindset, Skillset, Toolset - The Backbone of Continuous Quality and Test Automation

ID Developer Elite : Mindset, Skillset, Toolset - The Backbone of Continuous Quality and Test Automation

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Continuous testing along with fast and frequent feedback is one of the cornerstones for agile software development. A highly reliable and scalable approach to test automation is required in order to fully utilise the power of agile.

While most organisations understand the need for test automation, they focus primarily on tools. Michael Palotas and Francois Reynaud will showcase how mindset and skillset within the organization are equally important and how they need to go hand in hand with technology and tools in order to make test automation successful.

Testing and test automation need to be an integral part of software development and should not be treated as a separate activity. With that, the required skill set of developers and testers changes and there is a need for either side to much better understand each other. Furthermore the toolsets also need to provide for an easy integration into the development and technology stack rather than operating monolithic test automation tools.

Michael and Francois will share their vast experience from their time at eBay and their work with clients around the globe. They will illustrate how pragmatic approaches to continuous quality, can unleash the full power of agile software development.


  • Michael Palotas
    For more than 10 years Michael shaped software and test engineering at eBay. He led the transformation for eBay International from a waterfall to a highly agile organization employing new paths and approaches especially in the field of engineering practices. Before joining eBay, Michael held lead roles in companies like Ericsson, Nortel Networks, Intel.
    After leaving eBay, Michael founded Element34 Solutions GmbH together with Francois Reynaud to help companies succeed in the field of test automation and agile engineering practices. Michael works with clients on a strategic as well as on a technical level - connecting the dots between the business and technical implementations.


  • Francois Reynaud
    Francois founded Element34 Solutions GmbH together with Michael Palotas where he holds the role of Head of Engineering. Before, Francois was a principle software engineer at eBay International for more than 10 years. One of Francois' most notable contributions to the engineering world was the development of Selenium GRID and ios-driver. Francois is one of the most recognized experts for test automation and continuous integration worldwide. He works with clients on strategic and technical missions and is also the master mind behind the Seleniumbox.


  • Ben Hoskins
    Ben began programming for fun in 1981, with a "superpowered" 1K RAM computer (no, not 1M, or 1G).
    Over the last 12 or so years, Ben has been involved in teaching people about agile practices, test automation, test driven development, continuous deployment etc in various guises.
    He is currently looking after a fantastic team (Product, UX, Developers, DevOps, Infrastructure - office and datacenter) for OLX in Indonesia, helping the company to focus the overall approach to delivering value to everyday Indonesians. He even gets some time to code every now and again!
    Previous to that, Ben worked as Head of Product Development for eBay Europe.
    That role involved building an engineering department, from scratch, consisting of the best minds in the industry. The teams were located in Berlin, London, and Zurich, and used best in class agile engineering practices such as pair programming, test driven development, and continuous deployment.
    Previous to that, Ben worked with emergn, an Agile and Lean Consultancy, specialising in advisory from team to CxO level.
    He had two roles; the first as an Agile Consultant Coach (he consulted and coached agile and lean methodologies with a number of blue-chip organisations). That meant all automated testing practices, agile practices, methodologies and processes, coaching on effective dynamics of agile teams and projects.
    The second role was as Head of Product Development at emergn he was accountable for bringing a number of products and tools to market
    And in the dim and distant past, Ben help to look after Agile software development teams in Singapore, and the UK using eXtreme Programming techniques
    Specialties: product management, UX and Agile, managing large and dynamic teams, managing small focussed teams, Lean software techniques, training software engineers in Agile, Agile methods, offshore development teams, distributed teams, SMS systems, templating systems, enterprise agile, developer, designer, architect.


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