Introduction to Blueprints & UI in Unreal Engine

Introduction to Blueprints & UI in Unreal Engine

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Join us for our "Introduction to Blueprints & UI in Unreal Engine" workshop, where you'll discover the essential tools and techniques that power some of the most stunning and immersive video games in the industry.

In this hands-on workshop, participants will dive headfirst into Unreal Engine, a powerhouse in the world of game development. Whether you're a budding game developer, an artist looking to expand your skill set, or simply a gaming enthusiast eager to understand what goes on behind the scenes, this workshop is designed for you.

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Waktu dan Tanggal : 30 September 2023 09:00 - 16:00 WIB

Workshop ini membutuhkan software Unreal Engine 5.2 , temen-temen silahkan menginstall di komputer/laptop masing-masing

Link Discord GDB (Informasi) :

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: 30 Sep 2023 09:00
: 30 Sep 2023 16:00

Offline : Nongsa Digital Park Batam

Online : Youtube Channel Game Developer Batam

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