Python Developer
Python Programmer

Python Developer

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Python Programmer

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We're a job platform for Indonesian to join and work for fast-growing tech companies in Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong. We combine human intuition with AI to help talents match with amazing companies.


We launched publicly less than a year ago and already are working with over 20 amazing companies in Singapore & Indonesia including Sony, Shopify, Tata Consultancy, TalentTribe, and OCBC. Our goal is to triple our client base next year.

Lokasi Kerja

Kota Batam

Syarat Pelamar

- A strong knowledge of Python, along with a broad general web programming background; strong problem solver.

- Familiarity with techniques and tools for crawling, extracting and processing data, asynchronous communication and distributed systems.

- Knowledge of MySql database

- A hacker mentality to quickly produce proof of concepts in order to get results.

- Strong research, debugging, fuzzing and reverse engineering skills including static, dynamic and consoles analysis

- Strong understanding of operating system and computer networking concepts

- Understanding of browser engines, browser fingerprinting, and ad-blocker mechanisms

- Good communication in both spoken and written English.

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