Flutter Developer for a SaaS Product

Flutter Developer for a SaaS Product

Diselenggarakan oleh: PT Jojo Nomic Indonesia
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Jenis Industri

Teknologi Informasi

Tentang Perusahaan

Jojonomic is the first and only Southeast Asia Software as a Service (SaaS)  company to develop applications for the management of business administration,  finance and personnel in a digital and automated manner. The application, called  JojonomicPro, is a pioneer in technology that integrates cloud based solution with  mobile application so that the management process by the company becomes  easier, practical, fast, transparent and safe.

As a genuine technological work of Indonesia, Jojonomic has recorded a pretty  proud achievement. Lead by Indrasto Budisantoso (Chief Executive Officer),  Jojonomic's team was selected as one of eight Indonesian technology companies to  follow Google Launchpad Accelerator in Silicon Valley, USA. Jojonomic has also  partnered with many leading companies to help the company enjoy greater  efficiency, supervision and work productivity. In addition, Jojonomic also has a  bigger vision, namely to promote technological innovation of the work of the nation's  children to support the strengthening of the economy through the creation of digital  culture in Indonesia. Our company PT Jojo Nomic Indonesia is officially registered at Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kementerian Komunikasi dan Teknologi Informasi) as Information System Provider and we are also registered at Bank Indonesia Fintech Office as a company operating in the Indonesian fintech industry.

Vision and Mission

As the pioneer and the only digital mobile application for business and expense  management in Southeast Asia, Jojonomic has a vision to be a company that  continuously creates reliable and high technological innovations for every partner  company, both nationally and internationally. The various facilities and advantages  offered by  the Jojonomic pro application technology reinforce Jojonomic's  commitment to deliver the best products and provide high satisfaction and trust. In  addition, as a form of concern for the preservation of the natural environment,  Jojonomic also runs sustainable social and environmental programs, among others  through the planting of one tree for one application user and other social assistance  to the community and the surrounding environment.

Lokasi Kerja

Kota Jakarta Selatan
Jalan Nangka No.5, Lebak Bulus

Deskripsi Pekerjaan
  • As a Flutter Developer, you will create multi-platform apps for iOS and Android using Google's Flutter development framework.
  • The primary focus will be on creating new experiences and maintaining the acclaimed app. You will additionally work on innovative new app projects as well as internally incubated ventures.
  • Deep experience contributing to and managing high-scale production mobile apps. You must have previous experience in Flutter development.

Syarat Pelamar

• 1-3 years working as a full-time professional developer (Mobile) and 0.5 Year in a flutter(Must).
• Experience building a moderately complex Android app with knowledge of dart.
• Willing to work with cross-platform frameworks.
• Willing to learn and work on different mobile platforms/frameworks when needed.
• Published at least one app on the Play Store using Flutter/ Native (Java/Kotlin/Swift/Object c).

Lowongan tidak menerima lamaran baru karena sudah melewati tanggal aktif.